Ambitious lighting project valued at 0.5 million euros implemented in Vilnius Outlet shopping centre

A unique lighting project valued at half a million euros will be installed at the largest outlet store centre in Lithuania, Vilnius Outlet. More than 4.5 thousand LED lights of A++ energy efficiency class will be installed, and it is expected that this will become one of the most effective lighting solutions in the nation’s retail trade sector.

“In the shopping centre’s spaces, we installed LED lights that we created in mid-2020, with their effectiveness reaching 204 lm/w. This is a solution that consumes between ten and twenty per cent less electricity,” explains Danas Azikejev, the director of DiLed, the company, which planned and supplied the impressive lighting.

He emphasises that sustainable LED lighting nowadays is installed in objects of all sizes, and that the future of lighting lies in management innovations – lights must automatically react to human habits, daylight, and other factors.

Smart management in the shopping centre’s spaces

One of the greatest challenges to overcome was conjoining 4.5 thousand lamps into a single network and coordinating the design, colour, form and technological specification traits of more than ten manufacturers. The outlet centre will also feature a lighting management system, which will allow the convenient management of the entire building’s lighting and adjustments to all its possible scenarios from a single point.

Shoppers will be able to more precisely gauge the colour of goods, as the lighting is notable for its high colour rendering index (CRI 90). The higher this index, the closer the light is to sunlight.

A part of the lighting chosen for this large scale project is in line with the highest European security and quality standards, holding European Norms Electrical Certification (ENEC),  among other prestigious certificates.

According to Edgaras Valickas, marketing head for AB Ogmios Centras, which is developing Vilnius Outlet, technological advancements in the lighting market open up new opportunities and transform investor habits in the retail trade building construction sector: “Modern technologies are definitely changing existing trends  – when planning and building shopping centres, we now focus on the most effective possible lighting solutions that are as natural as possible, ensuring the comfort of our visitors.”

The almost 62 thousand-square metre shopping and leisure centre Vilnius Outlet is to settle near Vilnius western bypass, with the new building rated A+ for energy efficiency. It will soon play host to more than 150 outlet stores, a grocery store, restaurants, and leisure spaces. The largest outlet store centre in Lithuania is due to open its doors in the second half of 2021.