DiLed launched cooperation with KNX home automation manufacturer Zennio

DiLed has entered into a cooperation contract with Zennio, a Europe-renowned KNX system manufacturer. The company expects that the new partnership will allow it to offer its business clients state of the art lighting management solutions.

KNX home automation manufacturer Zennio has a 15-year history of designing and producing building management systems, which meet the KNX standard, and supplying them to its partners all over the world. The Spain-based company focuses on innovation-based lighting management systems which contribute to comfort and help reduce energy consumption.

Lighting programming and lighting management solutions from now on will market out not only by smartness but also by exceptional design. Zennio has manufactured advanced home automation solutions and control blocks which are exclusively aesthetic, delicate and adaptable to any interior design – from industrial to different sports facilities.

DiLed provides lighting management system selection and maintenance services to real estate development and construction industry leaders. It also carries out inspections, upgrades lighting management systems and updates their software. Specialists of the company adjust individual lighting scenarios which suit the purpose of a particular building best.