Installation of lighting in new swimming pool in Prienai completed

DiLed has installed LED lighting in Prienai swimming pool which is presently being constructed. The new building is located in the vicinity of Prienai sports arena. The modern swimming pool and sauna complex is expected to become an important part of the town’s infrastructure.

DiLed, a lighting solutions company, has fixed modern and specialised LED lighting in the premises of the new swimming pool. The installed lighting fittings are resistant to water treatment chemicals, salts and corrosion. The lighting installed in the sports object fully meets all fire safety, evacuation and hygiene requirements.

During the designing phase, specialists of the company have successfully coped with a difficult challenge – they managed to combine aesthetics and compliance with the requirements for buildings of sports purpose.  According to regulations, light fixtures cannot be installed above the pool. Hence, DiLED lighting specialists had to look for professional solutions and have come with the idea to install LED lighting on the sides of the pool.

The new swimming pool in Prienai will host leisure events and sports competitions. The entire space of the building is divided into separate areas, namely, of entertainment, saunas and swimming pool. The entertainment space has a swimming pool for children with movable floor and a whirlpool bath; the sauna zone has three saunas, and the pool area has a 25-metre swimming pool.  The opening of the new building is planned in 2021.