Lighting for production and storage facilities

We offer designing and installation of cost-effective LED lighting solutions and lighting control for industrial buildings of various purposes – factories, warehouses, workshops, hangars, etc.

We cooperate with big Lithuanian construction companies and contractors, electricity installation companies both during the designing and building of new industrial buildings and during renovation of old structures.

Services we offer for production/storage facilities:

We believe that project output is comprised of smaller project components; for this reason, we maintain focus on project deliverables from start to finish.

We take all responsibility for the fulfilment of obligations undertaken during the design phase. In the event of error after installation of lighting and in case the installed lighting fails to meet the initial goals (e.g., lack of capacity), we cover any additional expenses you incur.

We provide a 5-7 year warranty on all works performed by us and on our installed lighting systems.

Let’s make a step forward together.


Lighting for production and storage facilities

Design and installation of cost-efficient, functional LED lighting for industrial facilities.


Lighting for administrative facilities

Ergonomic lighting solutions adaptable to individual office needs.


Lighting for sports facilities

Professional lighting design and control solutions for sports complexes and sports halls.


Lighting for shops/showrooms

Modern and cutting-edge lighting solutions and LED lighting fixtures for shopping centres.


Lighting for public spaces

Energy-efficient lighting and lighting control systems for parks, streets and parking lots.


Outdoor lighting

Optimal outdoor lighting solutions. Independent illumination measurements/lighting assessments.

Entrust lighting to professionals

Design and realisation of lighting systems for private and public sector buildings – we are ready to find the best solution for you based on our knowledge and expertise. We work with all main B2B customers: RE developers, general contractors, architects and interior design companies in Lithuania.

Contact us, if you are looking for a reliable partner offering professional lighting solutions with whom you could take a bold step forward.

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