Independent lighting assessment/measurement

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    Sold lamp units


    Designed objects

    Lighting for production and storage facilities

    We design and install economic lighting and lighting control systems in industrial premises. We can also offer you LED lighting fixtures designed by us, which are the most energy effective in the Baltics.

    Lighting for administrative facilities

    Functional and ergonomic LED lighting solutions for offices adapted to meet individual needs of the staff. All lighting systems come with a 5-7 year warranty.

    Lighting for sports facilities

    Professional lighting design and management solutions for sports complex and sports hall facilities. We take all responsibility for the fulfilling of the obligations undertaken during the design phase.

    Lighting for shops/showrooms

    We take care of all cutting-edge LED lighting solutions in shopping centres. We carry out independent lighting assessments and provide professional consultations.

    Lighting for public spaces

    We design and install low consumption lighting systems. We programme the selected lighting system and help create an exclusive ambience in public spaces.

    Outdoor lighting

    Our extensive experience enables us to design and install optimal lighting in outdoor spaces through combination of aesthetics and functionality.

    Residential lighting

    We design and install cost-effective LED lighting solutions and lighting control in homes.

    Tennis court lighting

    We provide lighting design work in accordance with ITF, ATP, WTA requirements.